Andrea Rolim was born on February 04, 1966 in Curitiba, Brazil.

Andrea had her grandparents as examples, her grandmother, Paulina Camargo, and her grandfather, Valdemar Rolim were recognized artistic painters in Curitiba, Brazil.

Andrea felt attracted by the academic painting of her grandparents, since she was a child she has been searching for her own style which is reflected in her work today.

As an adult Andrea completede the course: "Life and Conscience" by Psychotherapist Luis Gasparetto which where influenced her criativity and unhidden artistic world.

In January 2003, Andrea moved to Los Angeles, her art emerged, giving her the certainty to follow the artistic road.

Today her objective is to expose her art to transmit joy. Andrea has a mysterious way of awayking our curiosity by seeing her drawings.



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